Hose Assembly & Testing

Hose Assemblies

We offer in-house assembly of hose and fittings, assembled to the worldwide NAHAD hose assembly standards, which cover the industrial and hydraulic industries. We pride ourselves with our service and ability to quickly supply complete hose assemblies to prevent downtime etc. All assembled hoses are proof tested prior to shipment and supplied with test certificates and hose tags. This provides confidence in the applications due to the quality and also cost effectiveness, all backed up with a tailored hose management program.

Hose Pressure Testing

Adelaide Belt and Hose provide low and high, hydrostatic pressure testing on all new and second hand hose assembly's to 60,000 psi or 4,100 bar. These are tested to the Australian standards that apply to the required application and provides customers peace of mind that the hose will meet all expectations without failing or causing accidents. We also provide pressure re-testing on 2nd hand hose assembly's, plus OHMS continuity re-testing to Australian standards. All hoses that are pressure tested or OHMS continuity tested are tagged and supplied with a current test certificate with pressure graph, stating that they meet the Australian standard. At ABH, we are now also offering a new complimentary email reminder service. Customers will receive an email reminder with the appropriate hose assembly details, 1 month prior to their hose being due for there 12 monthly pressure re-testing or OHMS continuity re-testing. Please provide your current email address, to be a part of this new unique service.

NATA Hose Testing Facility

Adelaide Belt and Hose are able to professionally select and build hose assemblies to meet your specifications or exacting applications. All hose assemblies are proof tested and tagged to the highest standards, for your quality satisfaction and safety considerations.

  • NATA endorsed testing laboratory with scope to conduct static and hydrostatic pressure testing of hose assemblies, to a number of Australian and International testing standards.
  • Pressure testing capabilities from 50psi (3.5 bar) - 60,000psi (4,100 bar)
  • All hoses issued with a unique traceable number, date stamped and supplied with NATA endorsed test certificates
  • Hydraulic, Industrial, Transport, Chemical and water blast industries are covered by our NATA accreditation.
  • ABH hose assembly staff are certified by NAHAD the worldwide hose and fitting association that have set strict hose assembly procedures, to produce quality hose assemblies, providing long service life , together with safety for your operators
  • Fast turnaround for hose assembly testing
  • Reminder emails sent prior to the expiry of the pressure or static test period to assist with your hose asset management and also your OH&S concerns.